Mr. Rajendra Lora

   Co-Founder and CEO

  Mrs. Chandrakanta Sahu

   Co- Founder and head of HR

  Saksham Sharma

   Head of Business Development

  Tapendra Dev

   Head Technology

  Mr.Dinesh Yadav

   Purchase Manager and Chief Agrinomist

  Shyam Singh

   Cluster Manager Jaipur-Alwar

  Sandeep Chaudhary

   Chief Agri Advisor

  Hari Chaudhary

   Cluster Manager Sikar-Nagaur

  Mr.Vikas Mahala

   Cluster Manager

  Mr.Kamlesh Jat

   Agri advisor

  Mr.Bunti Yogi

   Agri Advisor

  Heera Ram

   Purchase Executive